Learn from the Best

Google “cocktail blog” and you’ll get about 112 million hits. Here’s a list of the best ones I know of.

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Data, Charts, and Graphs

All the data from the charts and visualizations in the book are available here in high resolution.

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Corrections and Errata

To report a typo, fix some facts, or request more information about a particular technique or recipe, email me at kevin@craftcocktailsathome.com. For a current list, click “read more” below.  

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Got Questions?

See if I’ve answered them in the frequently asked questions. If I haven’t, you can ask your question there.

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Get this book and you will soon be using phrases like, “Orthonasal Olfaction,” in everyday conversation, not to mention enjoying perfectly clear ice in every cocktail!

Erik Ellestad - Savoy Stomp  - http://savoystomp.com/2013/02/26/an-engineers-guide-to-cocktails/
“Kevin Liu has been finding and creating great content on cocktail science on the internet for a while, and now has compiled his knowledge into a book of bits of info and advice, much of it contrary to popularly-held notions about even the simplest of drink ingredients like water and sugar.”
Camper English, cocktail writer for Alcademics.com, San Francisco Chronicle, Details.com, and many other publications  - http://www.alcademics.com
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