Updated craft cocktail glass price list, plus: AwesomeDrinks glassware site gets new owner, expanded selection, 15% off coupon


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As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to spend two years at MIT, one of the U.S.’s most pioneering and innovative universities. I guess that’s where I caught the bug for entrepreneurship.

It seemed like 10 years ago, the cool thing to do was to start a nonprofit or go work at an NGO somewhere for little to no pay. Today, it’s all about sustainable entrepreneurship: bringing a useful product or service to market while making enough profit to grow and improve.

Some of my favorite examples of businesses that have made my life easier working with food and science include Modernist Pantry, Molecular Recipes, and The Boston Shaker, small businesses that have made previously inaccessible ingredients just a click away.

Now, add to that list AwesomeDrinks.com

Apparently, my earlier post on glassware attracted the attention of AwesomeDrinks’s new owner, Derrick Schommer.

Here’s what Derrick had to say about changing the website for the better:

I recently purchased AwesomeDrinks.com from the previous owner, Anthony, whom I became business friends with over the last few years. I am the host of a cocktail show on youtube called Common Man Cocktails, at everydaydrinkers.com. I was driving many sales to AwesomeDrinks and over the years Anthony contacted me to ask if I wanted to purchase the store.

I didn’t accept the offer to purchase the site a year or so ago because I just had so much going on growing my show. Now, as I’ve built a loyal audience with 4500 Facebook fans and 20k+ subscribers on youtube I figured it was time to capitalize and monetize rather than driving traffic with affiliates to awesomedrinks and amazon–I was getting $12 checks for amazon every few months and it just didn’t seem to be sensible to send business to others when I could be doing it myself.

Most consumers buy from who they trust and sending people to affiliate links isn’t exactly a trust relationship. However, those same folks had no problem buying and supporting us because they were fans of our show and our businesses. The only sensible thing to do was to acquire awesomedrinks.com, expand it and truly make it a passion instead of a side-business. Since taking it over we’ve expanded the selection of products by about 200% and now carry many lines of cocktail bitters (with more to come) and a few of the most popular cocktail syrups (orgeat, cream of coconut, grenadines, etc.)

I’m taking it serious, paying attention to each sale, each customer and going back to the old way of doing business: caring. Just like our youtube show, I care about the individuals that purchase, make sure they get what they need, get their orders promptly and follow up to make sure everything is going well for them. At the same time, paying attention to how customers find us, like I noticed through your site because its folks like you that are helping to continue to grow the cocktail industry. Without people growing the industry there would be no need for cool glassware, barware, bitters and accessories!

After digging around on Derrick’s site, here’s why I like it:

  • It’s built on Shopify, the web’s leading ecommerce backbone provider
  • There’s a built-in 6 month guarantee
  • Common Man Cocktails, if you aren’t following it already, is an awesome show, so I have high hopes Derrick will take AwesomeDrinks in… awesome directions?

With all that being said, one glaring question remains: how do the prices compare?

Cocktail Glass Prices, Revisited

Here’s the updated and abbreviated list of prices from various places around the web, using the most current info I have as of this writing.

  • Want to buy a whole case of glasses? Still just $1-$3/glass
  • On Amazon,  glasses are available in packs of 6. Here are direct links to a highball, an 11 oz old-fashioned, and a 5.1-oz old-fashioned. average cost: $7/glass
  • Coupe glasses on Amazon are still expensive. $12/glass
  • The Boston Shaker sells brand new 5.5 oz Libbey coupes for $7.50/glass
  • Fishs Eddy continues to offer great glasses: Highball, Rocks, Coupe, Martini: $2-4/glass
  • As of this writing, AwesomeDrinks’ prices for coupe, highball, and old-fashioned glasses range from $5.50-$7.50/glass
    • (Derrick was kind enough to offer a 15% off coupon to readers of this blog: simply type in the code “CRAFTCOCKTAILS” at checkout. Coupon good through April 30th, 2013.)

BUT: even with the 15%-off coupon, Fishs Eddy remains a better overall deal for glassware, as long as you don’t mind the limited selection at Fishs Eddy.

With that being said, there are quantity discounts for many of the glasses at AwesomeDrinks, and the 15% coupon code will stack on those discounts. Plus, user reviews sing high praise for the quality of the glasses offered.

Plus, here’s where AwesomeDrinks shines: their selection of unique glasses, like cordial glasses, snifters, and tiki/hurricane glasses.

If you do make your way over to Derrick’s new venture at AwesomeDrinks, think of yourself as a beta-tester of sorts, an early adopter. Is it worth your while or would you rather wait for even better deals down the line?

Me? I’m just happy to see all of these new choices offered.

Fine print/Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to any of the businesses mentioned in this article and am not receiving any compensation for the statements made within.

Any glassware sources I’ve missed?


  1. Derrick Schommer April 2, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    Thanks again for covering us, if anyone has any questions or wants to know more about specific glassware or looking for stuff we don’t carry but you think would be cool (barware, glassware, accessories, ice cube trays, etc.) please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    You can contact me directly, my username is “dschommer” at our domain awesomedrinks.com

    Also, you should do an article write-up on Bitters because that’s another great detail that at home crafters can be utilizing in their cocktails. Recently I’ve started using Rhubarb bitters in my whiskey sour and it adds a great new dimension that can make my sour stand out over everyone else’s

  2. Aleksey April 13, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Cocktail Kingdom has coupe glasses that come out to $5.50/$6.00 a piece (depending on size) when buying in packs of six, or $4.75/$5 a piece when buying in packs of twenty four. Probably worth adding to the list.

  3. Garrett July 23, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    You can buy a case of 12 champagne coupes of 8.75oz on eBay for $37.37. They are made by Cardinal International and sold by Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply.

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