Interview with Kevin Liu about Science and Cocktails at Diageo Bar Academy


So I realize my book is called “Craft Cocktails at Home” but that doesn’t mean professional bartenders might not learn a thing or two after reading it.

In fact, here are some comments emailed to me in the last two months from professional bartenders:

“I’m behind the bar most nights in a neighborhood pub, in a major metropolitan city. While I have a natural feel for what I’m doing, having the science behind it all laid out in a layman’s fashion has really opened the door for me to flourish and refine.”


“As a hospitality professional with passion for the industry it took me a number of years to dig around to unearth some this information. It is great see that it now ready available for a wider audience instead of just booze nerds like myself. I think I will use this book almost as much as my Harold Mcgee, On Food & Cooking which has been one of my go to texts when going through the drinks concept/creation process.”

So it was with great pleasure that I shared my thoughts with award-winning bartender Angus Burton for the Diageo Bar Academy website.  We chat about everything from perfume to whether cocktails are cold enough.

Full article here.

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