Fortune Flip…福到

1.5 oz. Bols Genever 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice 0.5 oz. Cherry Heering 0.25 oz. Benedictine 1 whole Egg Dry shake, then shake with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Spray over “福” stencil with Angostura Bitters using an atomizer. Getting ready for Chinese New Year! Ryan Lee and I came up with the idea to make a flip […]

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Nightly Drink: A visit to Trio Bar (三重奏), Taipei, Taiwan

Trio Napkin

When people go out to drink in the United States, they usually order one drink at a time. Once in a while, you might order a pitcher of something to share (like sangria). But drinking in Taiwan is all about bottle service. A group of friends get a table or a 包廂 (VIP booth/enclosed seating […]

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Nightly drink: The Gimlet, old and new

I know that the Gimlet and the Rose’s Lime Juice vs. fresh juice and simple syrup argument have been written about many times before. However, I would like to briefly stir up the discourse once again.

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Nightly drink: The Jack Rose Cocktail – two ways

Jack Rose cocktail - two ways

Most sources I’ve seen uses the standard recipe below. Due to the higher proportion of lime juice, it has a sharper citrus bite. To me, this creates a very “fresh”, even bracing quality. The flavor is most reminiscent of sour apples. However, in this version, the grenadine is much less pronounced.

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Nightly drink: the many variations of the Sazerac cocktail

the nightly sazerac cocktail

Ah, the revered Sazerac Cocktail. With its bright, citrus/anise aroma and dark, spicy flavors, it is not a subtle drink. The Sazerac is by far my favorite drink. I do love variety and innovation when it comes to drinks. However, I have found that rain or shine, hot or cold, I am always happy with a well-made […]

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Nightly drink: Jerry Thomas’s Sherry Cobbler

Sherry Cobbler

A fresh and cooling concoction for summer.

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