High-resolution tables and charts posted

Thanks to eGulleter @Rafa for pointing out that many of the tables and charts in the book don’t render properly on smaller kindle devices. I will say that they render nicely on desktop version of kindle, but if you don’t like that app, I’ve jpg’ed the ones I thought were important for your viewing pleasure. […]

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Back to Basics: What Makes Water Taste Great?

Camper English has an excerpt from my new book on his comprehensive blog, Alcademics. Go check out the secrets behind great-tasting water!

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Instant homemade allspice dram (ok – almost instant)

allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and black pepper

The trick to this recipe is using a blender and high-proof alcohol to quickly extract the flavorful essential oils and aromatics from common kitchen spices.

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Caramel syrup: a kick-ass way to add depth to cocktails

bottled caramel syrup - black gold!

While I was fooling around with making my own sweet vermouth (more on that later), I discovered the awesomeness of simple caramel syrup, an incredibly complex and overlooked ingredient.

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Update your google reader!


Just a quick note – For anyone following Craft Cocktails at Home using an RSS reader, please use our new feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/CraftCocktailsAtHome 

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How to Make Clear Ice at Home

beautiful clear ice

If you are a true cocktail geek, you have probably pondered how to recreate the perfectly clear ice cubes used by the best cocktail bars at home. Over at my other blog, Science Fare, I explain. Go check it out!

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Recipe: Simple Homemade Tonic Water – and 5 commercial brands compared

homemade gin and tonic

After tasting 5 types of commercial tonic and following several DIY recipes, I’m finally ready to share my homemade tonic syrup recipe.

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Recipes that fail: Mold, decay, and curdling

homemade grenadine, aspergillus mold comes free of charge

I recently ruined a whole batch of awesome mixers. I’ve since figured out ways to make things keep longer – more on that later. For now, I wanted to share these pictures for fun and as a warning to not do what I did!

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Recipe: Spicy Ginger Soda (that stays strong over time)

If you’ve ever tried making ginger beer or ginger soda or ginger syrup, you’ve experienced this weird phenomenon: your concoction starts off spicy and gingery, but soon becomes tepid and plain. What’s up with that?

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Recipe: an easier way to make simple syrup

I’m going to bet that when you read the next sentence, you will slap your head. Sugar does not need heat to dissolve in water. 

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