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Table of Contents

List of Recipes

List of Interviews

How to Read This Book and Why There’s No Such Thing as a “Craft” Cocktail

Start Here

What’s Not in this Book


Down the Rabbit Hole: How to Mix Your First Drink

Really Basic Tools

The First Bottles


Foundations of Flavor

The Chemistry and Physiology of Flavor

Before the Mouth: Orthonasal Olfaction

Initial Entry: Taste and the Mouth

Right Back Out Again: Retronasal Smell

What You Need to Know about Mouthfeel and How to Recreate Lost Classics

The Dimensions of Liquid Mouthfeel

Why Does Mouthfeel Matter?

Gum Arabic: The Forgotten Hydrocolloid

A Replacement for Gum Arabic

Why Some People Hate the Taste of Alcohol and What You Can Do About It

Taste and Learning

What About the Burning Taste of Booze?

How to Deal with Different Types of Drinkers

How to Properly Balance a Drink: Two Approaches

Approach #1: Mindfulness

Approach #2: Taste Mixtures and Suppression


Basic Mixers

Transform Tap Water into Magical Alpine Fairy-Water

Reverse Engineering the Best-Tasting Waters

What Makes Water Taste Good?

Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Consistently Freeze Crystal-Clear Ice

What Causes Cloudiness in “Normal” Ice?

A Simple Solution for Clear Ice

What do Shaking and Stirring do?

Citrus: How to Maximize Aroma and Preserve Freshness

Acid and Sugar Content of Common Citrus Fruits

Peak Quality: Is Fresh-Squeezed Really Better?

The Peak Quality Chart for Citrus Juices

Sugar and Syrup: How Everything Old Becomes New Again

Sugar: A Glossary of Terms

Does a Miracle Sugar Replacement Exist?

Syrup-Making Tip #1: Turn Off the Heat

Syrup-Making Tip #2: Trust Mass, Nothing Else.

Preservation: Extend the Shelf Life of Syrups and Vermouths

What Causes Spoilage?

Preserving Syrups

Preserving Wines and Vermouths



Choose and Buy Hard-to-Find Glassware

Choosing Glassware

Buying Glassware

How to Properly Chill a Glass—and Does it Matter?

For Every Particle, a Filter

My Physical Filter Recommendations

Special Filtration Techniques

How to Infuse 200x Faster with Precision Temperature Control

Make Your Own Universal Temperature Controller

How Much of a Difference Does Sous Vide Make?

How to Make Clear Ice, Revisited

The Cream Whipper: An Unlikely Multi-Tasker

Make Foams Out of Anything

Extreme Carbonation

Rapid Infusion

What do I need to buy?


Drinks to Convert the Cocktail Novice

Emphasize Familiar Flavors

Strawberry… Jam?

Blueberries and “Freshness”

On Blackberries and Shortcuts

Bubbles Make a Good Mixer

How to Carbonate Water—and Anything Else

Spicy Ginger Soda (that stays strong over time)

The DIY Gin and Tonic


“Neat” Cocktails

A DIY Cold-Smoker for $20

Step-by-Step Directions

A Few Recipes

Tinctures, Oils, and Extracts

A Glossary of Flavor Additives (and How to Use Them)

What Flavors do Spirits Have?

What’s Really Going on With Aging

The Chemistry of Aging (The Simple Version)

Adsorption: Theory and Practice

Tips, Ideas, and Resources


Ideas for Bitters Junkies

Complex Bitters with Household Ingredients: What Works and What Doesn’t

Tasting, Sipping… Chugging Bitters

Which Bitters are Most Potable?

Recipes with Bitters

How Much is a “Dash,” Anyway?

The Extra Mile: Obscure Herbs and Botanicals, Simplified

Tasting Notes



The Classics, Hacked

Old-Fashioned vs. Sazerac vs. Martinez: A Visual Analysis of Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail Families and Nomenclature

When is an Old-Fashioned Not an Old-Fashioned?

The Martini: In Pursuit of Perfect Balance

Enter Andrew and Angus

How to Calculate the Final Temperature and ABV of a Cocktail

The “Perfect” Temperature and Dilution: Do They Exist?

The Manhattan and Hyperdilution

The Flip: Emulsions, With and Without Eggs

The Sour: Acid Alternatives to Citrus

The History of Acids in Drinks

Playing with Acid Powders

Practical Application

We want… a Shrubbery!!!

Tiki Drinks: To Future Adventures in Mixing

The Mai Tai and an Easy/Blasphemous Take on Orgeat

Improvise with Almost Instant Allspice Dram

The Pina Colada and the Maillard Reaction

Future Adventures and Parting Thoughts


Odds and Ends

Find the Cocktail Recipes You Really Want

Cocktail Book Classics, Old and New

Convert Books into Searchable References

I have Tequila and Chartreuse—What Can I Make?

Explosive Carbonation Levels: Pros and Cons

Permanent Aroma: Cocktail Bubbles

Does Hot Water Really Freeze Faster than Cold?


Tools and Sources

A List of Stuff You Probably Already Know You Need

A Few Less Conventional Tools

Online Storefronts


An Annotated Bibliography for the Deeply Curious

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