Instant homemade allspice dram (ok – almost instant)

allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and black pepper

The trick to this recipe is using a blender and high-proof alcohol to quickly extract the flavorful essential oils and aromatics from common kitchen spices.

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Caramel syrup: a kick-ass way to add depth to cocktails

bottled caramel syrup - black gold!

While I was fooling around with making my own sweet vermouth (more on that later), I discovered the awesomeness of simple caramel syrup, an incredibly complex and overlooked ingredient.

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How to Make Clear Ice at Home

beautiful clear ice

If you are a true cocktail geek, you have probably pondered how to recreate the perfectly clear ice cubes used by the best cocktail bars at home. Over at my other blog, Science Fare, I explain. Go check it out!

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Recipe: an easier way to make simple syrup

I’m going to bet that when you read the next sentence, you will slap your head.¬†Sugar does not need heat to dissolve in water.¬†

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What is a craft cocktail, and why bother?

What is a craft cocktail, and why bother?

In this post, I discuss how the chemical structure of alcohol lends itself to exceptional drinks.

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