Nightly Drink: A visit to Trio Bar (三重奏), Taipei, Taiwan

Trio Napkin

When people go out to drink in the United States, they usually order one drink at a time. Once in a while, you might order a pitcher of something to share (like sangria). But drinking in Taiwan is all about bottle service. A group of friends get a table or a 包廂 (VIP booth/enclosed seating […]

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Nightly drink: The Gimlet, old and new

I know that the Gimlet and the Rose’s Lime Juice vs. fresh juice and simple syrup argument have been written about many times before. However, I would like to briefly stir up the discourse once again.

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Nightly drink: The Jack Rose Cocktail – two ways

Jack Rose cocktail - two ways

Most sources I’ve seen uses the standard recipe below. Due to the higher proportion of lime juice, it has a sharper citrus bite. To me, this creates a very “fresh”, even bracing quality. The flavor is most reminiscent of sour apples. However, in this version, the grenadine is much less pronounced.

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Nightly drink: the many variations of the Sazerac cocktail

the nightly sazerac cocktail

Ah, the revered Sazerac Cocktail. With its bright, citrus/anise aroma and dark, spicy flavors, it is not a subtle drink. The Sazerac is by far my favorite drink. I do love variety and innovation when it comes to drinks. However, I have found that rain or shine, hot or cold, I am always happy with a well-made […]

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Nightly drink: Jerry Thomas’s Sherry Cobbler

Sherry Cobbler

A fresh and cooling concoction for summer.

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